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2 Weeks Prior to Surgery 

  • STOP taking any aspirin products. They increase your chance of excess bleeding during surgery.
  • STOP taking any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ie. Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Celebrex, Naproxen).
  • STOP taking herbal supplements, especially ones that act as blood thinners or increase the chance of excessive bleeding during surgery including such as gingko biloba, green tea, garlic, ginseng, dong quai, willow, and red clover.
  • STOP taking Vitamin E before surgery because it too can increase the risk of bleeding during surgery.

5 Days Prior to Surgery

  • STOP taking Coumadin or Warfarin, or Plavix. Call your doctor who prescribed them and ask if it is okay to STOP taking them in light of your impending surgery. If your doctor does NOT allow you to discontinue taking these, contact us immediately.

2 Days Prior to Surgery

  • Absolutely NO alcohol or alcoholic beverages during the 48 hours prior to surgery and for 48 hours following surgery. Alcohol can have serious consequences on the surgery as well as the anesthesia.

The Day Before Surgery

  • Absolutely do not take any of the medications or supplements already stopped (above) including Aspirin or Motrin.
  • After MIDNIGHT before surgery, do not eat or drink.

The Day of Surgery

  • You should take any of these if they are currently prescribed to you:
    • Heart Medication
    • Blood Pressure Medication
    • Anti-Seizure Medication
    • Asthma puffers
  • If there are any concerns, please discuss with Dr. Tietze well in advance of the surgery.
  • If you have accidentally taken any medications, supplements, or eaten food that you should not have, please contact us immediately. Bring all medications currently prescribed to you in their labeled containers with you to the hospital. Leave non-essential valuables (such as watches, jewelry, cell phones) at home to reduce the chance of misplacing or losing them in the hospital.
  • If you wear glasses, contact lenses, false teeth or related personal items, bring a case to store them in during surgery.
  • *** Bring any CT scan films or disc to the hospital on the day of surgery.
  • *** A cancellation fee will be charged to you if you do not inform the office 2 weeks in advance of you cancelling your surgery. Please notify the office of any illness around the date of surgery.
  • You should also proceed to read our post-operative instructions so you will be prepared for what comes next after your surgery.