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GettyImages 119163128200305660-001 8Nothing has more of an impact on individual looks than the size and shape of the nose. Because the nose is the most defining characteristic of the face, a minor alteration can vastly improve one's appearance. Since there is no ideal in rhinoplasty, the goal is to improve the nose aesthetically, making it harmonize better with other facial features. 

Individual characteristics such as skin type, ethnic background, and age are important items to be discussed with Dr. Tietze prior to surgery. Before the nose is altered, younger patients must reach full growth, usually by age fourteen. Exceptions are cases in which breathing is severely impaired. This operation will not correct skin quality, pigmentation or thickness over the nasal bridge. Some refinements can be more difficult to achieve in patients with thick sebaceous skin. 

rhino02The definition of rhinoplasty is literally, shaping the nose. It is often combined with straightening of the septum, which corrects and optimizes the nasal airway. Incisions can usually be made inside the nose, where they are invisible. In some cases, an incision is made in the area of skin separating the nostrils. The underlying support structures of bone and cartilage are then sculpted to provide a newly shaped framework for your nose’s new profile. A splint is applied to the outside of the nose to help retain its fresh aesthetic shape while it heals. Soft, absorbent material may be used inside the nose to maintain stability along the dividing wall of the air passages called the septum. Alternatively, soft nasal supports that permit nasal breathing post-operatively can be placed. 

A shapely, well-proportioned nose will complement your natural beauty and give you the image you desire.