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Injection augmentation is often used in patients with a paralyzed or poorly functioning vocal cord. This results in a failure of the vocal cords to close properly. There is often a “gap” between the vocal cords, which allows air to escape during attempted speech. This produces a weak, breathy voice. Proper closure cannot be achieved because the patient lacks strength in one or both of the vocal cords.

Injection augmentation can sometimes be used in this situation to improve the voice quality. The technique involves the injection of a substance called Radiesse into one or both of the vocal cords. By doing this, the vocal cords are brought closer together, closing the “gap”. This results in a stronger voice. These injections last up to 1 to 2 years before needing re-injection. This unique and ground-breaking treatment is performed by Dr. Tietze, one of only two surgeons providing this revolutionary treatment in all of Ontario!